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Teen Laws for Driver Education & in Car Training

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Minimum age to obtain permit is 15 ½ yrs. Minimum age to obtain license is 16 yrs.

Start your Driver Education in classroom or On-Line with us when you turn 15 or within a month.
Your child will be able to drive with their instructor with a DMV Student License which we provide.
In this manner they will have at least 6-12 hours of in car before they turn 15 ½ and get their permit, then they can start driving with you. We also recommend that through the process between 15 ½ and 16 that they get in at least another 6 hours between practice with you. This will help them improve a great deal and not pick up any bad habits.

Provisional License Laws:
(Drivers under 18 yrs.)

  • You must complete a Drivers Education course, prior to in car training or getting a permit.
  • You must have your permit for a minimum of 6 months, a completion certificate for 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and complete 50 hours of supervised driving (10 hours must be at night) before you can take your drive test.
  • For the first year after receiving your drivers license up to age 18, you are not allowed to carry passengers under age 20 unless someone in the car is age 25 or older with a valid California License.  This law extends to all minors including family members, there are no exceptions in metropolitan areas were there are other modes of transportation available.  Schools cannot demand car pooling in violation of the law,  nor are there special events that permit this.
  • A licensed driver under the age of 18 may not  drive after 11PM nor earlier than 5 AM unless an adult 25 years of age or older is present, in the first year of driving. In Los Angeles county the curfew is 10PM. Check with your local Police enforcment agency for the curfew in your area.


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