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Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

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Senior Drivers

Need a brush up?

Every senior should be looking at sharpening their driving as the years move on.

Driving is a privilege that can be taken away and often is. In the early senior years, once a year, two hours should be enough to maintain good driving habits if you have good habits. As the years roll on, the need to brush up will increase.

DO NOT GO IN TO A DRIVE TEST AT THE DMV without A SERIOUS BRUSH UP YOU COULD LOSE YOUR DRIVING PRIVILEGE. Do not wait until an accident, or ticket, or health problem to address your driving. That can be to late to avoid major problems.

Brushing up and keeping your driving in tip top shape is the best way to retain and protect your driving future and YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Revoked driving privilege

Many Seniors get their driving privilege revoked simply because they go in to a requested drive test not having brushed up. They confuse their driving for years, with what the DMV is looking for. The DMV has a new test you may never have taken or seen. If you do not know what they are looking for, how are you going to pass? Often seniors resent having to pay for lessons in driving, since they feel they are not needed.


If you lose your driving privilege you will need to have a hearing, you may want also to have legal representation. If all goes well you will be given an S. I. P. (Special Instruction Permit) This will allow you to drive and train only with an instructor, in most cases, until you are ready to pass the drive test. If all goes well and you pass the test, your license is reinstated. From revocation to relicense you are talking three months at best and easily six months.

Most seniors need at least 12-30 hours of retraining some less, some more. You are talking about years of ingrained habits that have to be changed. In most cases we can regain driving skill and get your driving privilege restored, given the realistic time and work required.

We at Dollar Driving School are here to help you, hopefully before you get involved with the DMV. However what ever your problem is we will attempt to resolve it, just pick up the phone and call us.

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