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Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

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Driver Education (Classroom Instruction)

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This course sets the foundation for behind-the-wheel drivers training and is in accordance with the guidelines set by the department of education and DMV. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the Provisional Instruction permit test at the DMV.

  • As of 1-1-04, the minimum age to receive a permit is now 15 ½  although you can start Driver Education as early as 15 . Each applicant will need to provide proof of completion of Driver Education when going to the DMV for the permit test.. 
  • HOWEVER UPON COMPLETION OF DRIVER EDUCATION, YOU MAY START DRIVING ON A STUDENT LICENSE ISSUED BY OUR SCHOOL. This way you can get in car training in with your instructor prior to the age of fifteen and a half, and then get your permit and be possibly ready to drive with your parent safely.
  • Or once the student passes the permit test, they must have their first professional driving lesson before it becomes valid. WE STRONLY RECOMMEND THAT THEY DO AT LEAST SIX TO TWELVE HOURS BEFORE YOU DRIVE WITH THEM.
  • After those lessons, then they will be able to drive in a more safe manner with anyone 25 yrs. or older with a valid California Drivers License .

Dollar Driving School’s Driver Education course is informative and enjoyable. Our course consists of lectures, videos, class discussions, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and more. You will pass your permit test we have a 98% first time pass rate.

Call Us for class locations and times and prices.
For more information please call us at (818) 264-0555

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About Robert Stahl

Robert Stahl has been instructing since 1980. Is the owner of Dollar Driving School. Longest serving President of the Driving School Association of California. Loves teaching, the more a challenge the better. Has the highest pass rate, and first time pass rate, in the School. Works almost exclusively by referral, but is available for all students. Knowledgeable, fun, experienced, patient and never gives up, thinks outside the box.

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