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Welcome to Dollar Driving School!

Welcome to Dollar Driving School!

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All students starting as of 6/24/2014 through 9/30/2014 will get two tickets to a movie for signing up with Dollar Driving school upon completion of their 6 hour package along with their certificate of completion. All students that also take their drive test with Dollar Driving School and pass on a first test will get another two tickets to the movies.

I took driving lessons at Dollar Driving School twice and it was a good experience. The teachers are very clear and patient in explaining and showing. The school is located in a good area. - Domenica
Thank you Dollar Driving School I just passed my driving test today with a great score and im so happy, they were very helpful and patient.  A special thanks to Jackie and my driving instructor David I will definitely recommend Dollar Driving School to my friends and family. Thanks again - desiree hayes
Dollar driving school has been the most recommended by all my friends and I am so glad I chose to take lessons with them! My coach was incredibly clear and responsive and taught me everything I needed to know about my license test. The whole staff was very eager to help me with anything I needed and furthermore helped me to pass my license test! Thank you Robert and Jackie and all of Dollar driving school! - Bella Hadid
We feel that it is one of our most important investments in our children to provide the best in driving education. It goes along with placing our highest value on education, generally, as the best preparation for life, but driving lessons have the added ingredient of teaching the next generation(s) how to, literally, navigate through the world, and, the important safety elements which will give them the best chance of avoiding injury. It is a complicated world out there, but there is also so much to see and enjoy. In our family, good, and safe, and fun driving is an important priority. Dollar Driving is exactly what we had hoped for, and we are very grateful for Robert and his excellent team’s dedication! - Mary Yoder
We couldn’t be happier about Dollar Driving School. Like parents everywhere, when it came time for our son to get his license, we were worried about how he was really going to learn how to drive. Of course he could practice with us, but to really learn how to be a safe driver, we wanted the best we could find and afford. Fortunately for us, a friend recommended Robert Stahl and Dollar Driving School, and we couldn’t have been more satisfied. Robert and his instructors were careful, patient, thorough, encouraging, engaging, and always put safety first. By the time our son had finished his lessons and practice driving tests, he was more than ready for the real thing (which he passed, by the way, with no problem.) However, the best sign of how good Robert and Dollar Driving are is the fact that when we drive with our son now, he still recalls and follows what he learned with Robert: good habits which will help him for the rest of his driving life. - Mary & Chris R., Pacific Palisades, CA
To whom this may concern: I am ascertaining that Dollar Driving School Inc. in Woodland Hills California, under the leadership of Robert Jay Stahl helped me regain my license. I am over 90 years of age. Robert Rado was my primary driving instructor. His patience and caring instructions provided me with the opportunities again to further do my life's work as a volunteer at UCLA and various health institutions. - G.T.

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Driver of the Month of June

Posted by Robert Stahl on

6/11 2014 Bailey Harris passed his drive test with 100%  for his effort and desire for perfection he was awarded the Dollar Driving School club one hundred Hat and cross pen and two tickets to an AMC movie.  You too can achieve this, train with Dollar Driving School, take your test with Dollar Driving School Read more…


Debunking Another Myth “SPEED”

Posted by Robert Stahl on

Can I go just over the speed limit by five or ten miles per hour? You “can.” You can get away with many things in life. However, should you? We all know that you should not.  First, most drivers do not understand speed, at all.  What I mean by that is the effect of speed Read more…

What you don’t know can hurt you!

Posted by Robert Stahl on

For years there has been well established evidence, that the new 16 year old driver has been one of, if not the most deadly groups of drivers on the road. Insurance companies, law enforcement, the government and private industry from the driving school industry and educators to corporations have worked very hard together to stem Read more…

Debunking Another Myth

Posted by Robert Stahl on

I have been an instructor since 1980 and on the board of directors of the Driving School Association of California since 1989. Almost every year since I can remember, students and parents have asked me or more to the point told me that as of such and such year kids born after that year will Read more…


Ah! driving in Europe.

Posted by Robert Stahl on

Driving, although different throughout the world, holds many similarities as well. I just returned from one of many European vacations, and once again was reminded of the challenges of driving in Europe. I was raised in Europe, learned to drive there and yet I still find it always a challenge. First of all I would Read more…