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Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

Welcome to D.D.S. Traffic School of Sepulveda

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Instant Student Licensing Program & Driver Ed Signup

Instant Student Licensing Program (ISLP)

Now you don’t have to wait to get behind the wheel!

Once you’re old enough to drive, you can’t wait to take the wheel—and the Instant Student License Program (ISLP) is your express lane to the driver’s seat!

ISLP is an integrated online driver education/driver training program that combines driver training (“behind-the-wheel”) with online driver education to get student drivers into a vehicle as quickly as possible. (The “old way” makes students complete all of their required driver education and go to the DMV to get their permit before they can drive.)

Simply register for ISLP online and get started right away. After you’ve completed the first segment of the driver education course, you’ll contact the driving school and start driving!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Online Driver Education Course

This online driver education course is designed to present 30 hours of instructional material (the state-required minimum). However, the course is broken into manageable, easy-to-digest lessons, and the system remembers your progress if you sign out. Work through the program at your own pace—as quickly or as slowly as you like. As a bonus, the price of the course includes access to a FREE sample practice permit test!

The one low price of the course covers everything you need to get your driver education certificate. AND, when you start driver training through Dollar Driving School, you’ll get a 75% refund! If you finish Driver Education in one week and take behind-the-wheel with us! That is $45 off your behind-the-wheel!

Or 50% off If you finish in more than one and less than two weeks you get $30 off your behind the wheel! Two weeks or more there is no Driver Ed discount!

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If you are unclear on which course to choose, or are looking for in-class driver ed, please call 818-264-0555.

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